Rongda (Ron) Zhang

  Master's Student

I am working on the hyperspectral multiphoton microscopy which will enable us to acquire more spectral information while maintaining the imaging depth, signal-to-noise, and spatial resolution. We aim to build a multiphoton micoscope that will have 16 fluorescence detection channels at different wavelengths. The new hyperspectal micoscope will enable us to identify and separate the signal from more fluorescent species. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Fudan University, located in Shanghai, PR.China. I am currently a Masters of Engineering student in Biomedical Engineering at Cornell University. I work with Amanda Bares on this project. Outside of biomedical engineering, I am also an amateur enthusiast of mediaeval Chinese phonology and molecular anthropology. I started working for the Schaffer Lab in the autumn of 2012 and expect to graduate in December 2013.

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