Amrit Hingorani


 Principal Investigator:
         Dr. Nishimura

Amrit is a recent graduate of Cornell who double majored in Biological Sciences and Nutritional Sciences and minored in Business for Life Sciences, Global and Public Health, South Asian Studies, and Infectious Diseases. He is from Brooklyn, NY.
Currently, Amrit is spending his first gap year working as a research technician in the SN-lab, working with Laurie on the Brain-Machine Interface project. He plans on taking two gap years before pursuing a MD/PhD. In the future, he hopes to see patients, do clinical research, and teach medical students at a teaching hospital. He also hopes to help with reforming US healthcare policies and spend time abroad volunteering as a doctor in environments of extreme performance, such as at Everest Base Camp or Macchu Picchu.
Outside of lab, Amrit loves playing any and all sports and he plays five club sports at Cornell including frisbee, paintball, field hockey, rowing, and rugby. In addition to sports, he is super outdoorsy and loves being out in nature whether that be hiking, trail running, or biking. He is also super into traveling and has been fortunate enough to go on many trips through Cornell which have led him to have many unique experiences such as cliff jumping off volcanic rock in Hawaii, trespassing on a World Heritage site in Pakistan, and getting lost while biking from town to town in rural Peru. The more adventure and adrenaline an activity provides, the better it is in his eyes!

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