Sharlene Dong


Multiphoton microscopy is an advanced fluorescence imaging technique that enables in vivo imaging up to a great depth. New technological advances in multiphoton microscopy have made imaging viable in a beating rodent heart and have enabled novel studies of blood flow, inflammation and normal function on the cellular level. My research focuses on analyzing microvascular blood flow after coronary artery occlusion by using multiphoton microscopy and a laser-based model of myocardial microinfarction. Developing new capabilities for measuring cardiac blood flow will lead to a better understanding of the effect of microlesions on functionality and has great potential for evaluating future therapies. I am majoring in Chemical Engineering and plan to graduate in May of 2015. I joined the Schaffer-Nishimura Lab in the spring of 2013 and am currently working alongside Jason Jones and Saif Azam.

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