Mohammad Haft-Javaherian

  Phd Student

We image the cortical microvasculature of anesthetized and awake Alzheimer's disease mice model using two-photon microscopy. Surprisingly, we observed a significantly increased rate of spontaneous transient capillary plugging in AD mice compared to wild-type littermates. Based on this, Mohammad's goal is to develop a new formalism to study the interaction of brain blood flow and Alzheimer's disease.

With this goal in mind, Mohammad is developing computer programs to perform image acquisition, image processing, data mining, and post processing in addition to statistical analysis of these huge datasets. In parallel, He is developing computer parallel programs to analyze multi-exposure speckle Data. On the other hand, He investigates blood flow speeds using CFD, as he is a civil engineer by training (BS '09 & MS '11)specialized in continuum mechanics and simulations. Check out his book here!

He likes to swim all the time and enjoys reading about different schools of thought. Once upon time, he was a volunteer certified lifeguard.

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