Lindsay Vinarcsik


Class of 2018
College of Arts and Sciences
Major: Biological Sciences
Concentration: Neurobiology and Behavior

Lindsay joined the lab as an undergraduate student working on the Alzheimer's disease project. Her projects aim to further the clinical applicability of broad findings by elucidating the molecular mechanism behind stalled capillaries. Her benchwork generally includes behavioral assays, protein analysis, histology, clearing tissue and various imaging techniques. Lindsay is also a part of the Eyes on Alz team; she creates accessible materials explaining projects in the lab for those who participate in our citizen science initiative.

Lindsay’s goal after Cornell is to enroll in a Medical Scientist Training Program and work toward a MD/PhD. Born and raised in Colorado, Lindsay is the resident outdoorswoman and can often be found climbing a rock wall, rowing a raft, or skiing a line. At Cornell Lindsay teaches classes for Cornell Outdoor Education and is known for being a leader in the cooperative living community. She is rarely unaccompanied by her chocolate Labrador named Moxie, and is a good source for information about Ithaca’s local music scene.

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