Sally Dimiduk


I am researching whether cell death occurs after microhemorrhages in the brain as well as type of cell death if death occurs. I previously was using FLIVO dye to investigate apoptosis in vivo, but am now looking at using TUNEL staining and/or FluoroJade ex vivo. As part of these investigations, I have done craniotomies, 2-photon imaging, 2-photon guided hemorrhages, 2-photon guided Rose Bengal clots, large scale Rose Bengal clots through the skull of mice, perfusions, slicing of cryoprotected tissue and 1-photon fluorescence imaging. I have worked with Texas Red, Rose Bengal, DAB, DAPI, PI, and FLIVO dyes with varying degrees of success. I will be using TUNEL staining and possibly FluoroJade in the near future. I currently also do the genotyping for the YFP mouse line.

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