In vivo three-photon imaging of activity of GCaMP6-labeled neurons deep in intact mouse brain

Ouzounov DG, Wang T, Wang M, Feng D, Horton NG, Cruz Hernández JC, Cheng Y, Reimer J, Tolias A, Nishimura N, Xu C

Nature Methods (2017)

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High-resolution optical imaging is critical to understanding brain function. We demonstrate that three-photon microscopy at 1,300-nm excitation enables functional imaging of GCaMP6s-labeled neurons beyond the depth limit of two-photon microscopy. We record spontaneous activity from up to 150 neurons in the hippocampal stratum pyramidale at ~1-mm depth within an intact mouse brain. Our method creates opportunities for noninvasive recording of neuronal activity with high spatial and temporal resolution deep within scattering brain tissues.

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